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pete peter toriello - guitar

Peter Toriello with guitar

Everything you wanted to know about Peter Toriello and this site but were afraid to ask

My name is Peter Toriello.  As I’ve stated on my music page, I love music deeply. I love to mix it, play it, compose it, produce it, record it, and be involved with it in any way possible.  This site, however, is not about music.  I will cover almost any topic – and that will likely still be music here and there – and I apologize in advance if you find any of it offensive or boring.

While this site bears my family’s name, it isn’t family-friendly or G-rated sometimes.  OK, it isn’t family-friendly MOST times.  I won’t apologize for that, though, as you are free to let me know how you feel about it or free to visit another site.  Let’s keep it light, though, I hope I can entertain you or provide some thought-provoking material for your day.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns you can contact me here as well.  I am always happy to discuss things that are in any of my areas of expertise like music, information technology (Linux systems and network administration with strength in LAMP / web application technology), general technology including mobile and desktop gadgets, and such.  I’m also happy to discuss my opinion on any number of hotter topics, and I will respect your opinion on those topics as long as there is respect flowing in both directions.

Have a beautiful day and be excellent to each other,


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